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Lens Test: 28-70 2.8L vs 28-105 3.5-4.5 vs 28 2.8 vs 50 1.8 Comparison between standard "L" zoom, standard consumer zoom, and consumer primes. This comparison was done using micrscopic pictures of the slides taken with the different lenses, and allows you to see differences that would only occur for enlargments greater than 8x10.

Lens Test: 28-105 vs 50. If you are like me, you are torn between the convenience of a zoom and the quality of a prime. This was a small test I did to understand the difference in quality between a zoom and a prime.

Lens Test: 28-80 vs 28-105 vs 28 vs 20-35. Test comparing Fixed, Prime, Lowend Zoom, Midrange Zoom, and High End Zoom at 28mm.

Lens Distortion Test: Distortion comparisons between 28-80 4.5-5.6 vs 28-105 3.5-4.5 vs 50 1.8 vs 28 2.8 vs 20-35 2.8L.

Film Test: Fuji Velvia vs 100VS Can Kodak challenge Fuji's leadership in highly saturated films? See for yourself.

A small comparison between 35mm and 6x6. This subject has been done to death, but for beginners this may help them see what the difference is instead of just reading about it.

Comparison between Zeiss 18mm f3.5 and Nikon 16-35 f4. I just acquired a D800 and had the two lenses in hand so I thought I would compare them. I appreciate when others take the time to share there comparisons, so I am paying back the favor. Besides the difference in sharpness between the two lenses, it was interesting to see the differences in the way they rendered the image.


How many pixels are there in a slide: a comparison between a 2400dpi scanner and micro photographs of a slide.

My Experience With Digital Imaging, or how a scanner and printer changed photography for me.

Photographs from 30,000 feet technique for getting decent pictures from commercial flights.