Christopher Burkett one of the great contemporary nature photographers. Christopher Burkett shoots mostly with view cameras. His work celebrates the beauty in nature.
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Steve Mildge An excellent collection of lighthouse photographs.

Galen Rowell

Frans Lanting

Jim Brandenburg

Art Wolfe

William Neill

Gordon Wiltsie

Joel Sartore

David & Mark Muench

George Lepp

Lee Mann

Robert Shaw

Kennan Ward

Tom Till

Clyde Butcher

Daniel J. Cox. Daniel shoots mostly wildlife and the site has an extensive library of images that you can view. Definitely worth visiting.

Friends who photograph

Jim Kirkpatrick

Gene Anderson

Other Photographers

Ed Kashi

George Steinmetz

Loh Koah Fong

Other Photo Related Links

Text Book on information engineering, with a good section on visual information. Interesting discussions include human ability to discern hue, gray level, resolution.

IBM patent server is a great resource for finding out how things work. Interesting patents that apply to photography include US5291234, one method of auto focusing.