The main sections of this site are

Portfolio One This is a collection of 12 pictures that I have taken over the years.
Portfolio Two This is a second collection of 12 pictures that I have taken. There is no significance to the grouping, other than this was the second set of 12 that I decided to put up.
Bill Porteous Information and work from my Father Bill Porteous. Bill Porteous has been working as an artist in Victoria, B.C. since 1974. You will find information and examples of his work, as well as information about his classes.
Photo Journal These are a few pictures from places that I have been, or just images that I wanted to share and remember along with text to give then context.
Photo Links This is a collection of
  • Links to equipment test and articles that I have written.
  • Links to some of the best Nature photographers.
  • Links to resources for choosing and purchasing photo related equipment. Including links to equipment reviews, lense tests, recommended stores.
  • Links to resource for digital photography including equipment reviews.
  • Links to places where you can learn more about photography.
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